Production Engineer @ Meta
This is my current position, I'm a Production Engineer at Meta. Learn more about what I do.
Student Sysadmin @ Donald Bren School of ICS, UC Irvine
Student System Administrator at the Bren School of Computer Science. Worked on a variety of server maintenance projects and feature development to support the needs of students and researchers and UC Irvine.
Intern @ SPAWAR - Summer 2019
Developed Automation Tools for lab equipment, using Python & Qt. Obtained and utilized security clearance.
TA @ Art of Problem Solving - Summer 2018
Teaching Assistant for summer math classes at Art of Problem Solving, Carmel Valley. Assisted with students understanding of subject and helped to create an enviroment conducive to learning.
Intern @ UCSD Supercomputer Center - Summer 2017
Intern with the REHS program, wrote a Natural Language Processing program in Java to parse temporal ranges from paragraphs of text. Assisted Professors at the Spatial Information Systems Lab, helped to organize a large online database of research projects and their data.